Alert in a blink.

  • COFAIN 699 is not a coffee – not an energy drink – not a ready-to-drink coffee – not a
    tea – not a cola – not artificial caffeine in the form of dissolved tablets.
  • COFAIN 699 was developed for people who want or need a fast-acting way of staying wide awake for long periods of time – or for whom the products currently on the market do not fulfill their needs.
  • …for car drivers, students, doctors, office workers, lawyers, hunters, party people, truckers, night owls, politicians, entertainers, babysitters, managers, DJs, police and many more.

Useful facts

  • Depending on the type of sport, the first signs of exhaustion appear after 60-120 minutes.
  • COFAIN 699 helps you call on your bodily reserves of winning strength for that final push.